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Why Professional Painters Are Needed: Differences between Commercial and Residential Painting

painting companies

painting companies

Many people like to paint the walls themselves and discard calling the professionals. However, inadequate tools, poor access to high areas, etc., can degrade a DIY experience. The paint job executed by a professional is distinct, and the shine is hard to match. Professional Painters

If you search for painting companies in Chicago, you will find a massive list. Chicago is the most populous place in Illinois and the third most populous in the USA. The average cost of painting the entire home’s interiors is $ 5814 in Chicago. There might be slight changes in the cost from one provider to another.

How Do the Professionals Make a Difference? 


While getting tempted to take out the rollers and add a fresh coat of paint is alright, you must know a few things. The job seems simple, but here are key considerations before you begin.


  • Do you have appropriate tools to access the high ceilings? Professional Painters know how to reach high areas while maintaining safety. From increasing the risk of falls to making a mess, a DIY can cause significant issues. A professional painter will check your ceiling for leaks and take appropriate measures to fix it before coating it. 
  • A specialist uses a quality color that will leave you with a glossy finish. They know the difference between a flat and a matte finish. They will use the product that best suits your walls and prevent bumps and dings.


  • DIY is a poor decision if your walls are in poor condition. One may not have the expertise required to do the job compared to a Professional Painters. The significant holes in the walls need expert attention. 


  • The homes constructed years back might have been coated with lead-based paint. Inhaling it might invite adverse health effects. Therefore, removing the old paint appropriately before applying the new one is necessary. Not only that but it also must be removed correctly. Stripping off old paint is a job that must be performed by a professional for the best experience. 

It costs $ 640 to paint an average size room in Chicago. So, contact a paint company to enquire about different services and rates. The best way to start searching for top service providers is by doing an online search. You can also request friends and family for quality referrals.

Difference between Residential and Commercial Painting 

While the two are both essential services offered by paint companies, they are distinct. A professional service provider may excel in one or both. There are multiple logistics to consider when painting a commercial space. Among the few, employees, customers, square footage, safety compliance, etc.

At the same time, residential painting jobs do not require too many painters or materials. They are small-scale projects. However, the challenges of residential painting may include the number of children at home or pets living in the space. Therefore, picking a company that excels in your required service is best. 

Bottom Line

It is highly recommended to read a few reviews and assess a company’s track record before saying yes. A provider with knowledge of a project similar to yours is suggested. 

An experienced paint service will have a solid portfolio to showcase previous projects. A bit of research beforehand can make a significant difference in your experience. Remember the above information while you decide on your next paint project.