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Why Localization matters: Top 3 benefits of localization

Localization matters

Localization matters

Global launches are not easy. If you’re introducing your products to an international marketplace, you’ll require both translation and localization services. 

The translation process adapts your content to fit the target languages. But localization moves beyond just adapting your content. In addition to changing the language of the content, localization also incorporates different multimedia components, images, time zones, currencies, layout preferences, and more.

Localization is important for successful global expansion

Expanding your business around the world? Localization is key. Your expansion is bound to fail If potential customers can’t simply understand what your services or marketing communications are. Only those companies are successful worldwide that are able to strike the right balance between their business desires and local flexibility. Therefore, if you also have that desire to grow internationally but don’t make localization your first priority, your business will look static. And potential customers would be unable to relate themselves to your business and strengthen the relationships. So, you see localization is very crucial. However, when it comes to implementing localization, it’s often the proper strategy that makes or breaks the success of a project. Make sure to plan things nicely. And have a good look at who your target audience is. Plus, what would it take to deliver your message that’s linguistically fluent and culturally relevant to them? 

Top three benefits of localization

By localizing a website and other digital content, you can reap a trove of business benefits. Here’s to show you some ways localization can work best in your favor.

i) Increased customer trust

If your website reflects the cultural and linguistic nuances of each market, it shows you value your customers’ preferences. Which in turn helps to cultivate customer trust. CSA Research, an independent market research firm conducted a survey that also validates this thing. As per the report, up to sixty percent of non-native English consumers don’t prefer to surf or purchase from English-only websites. While sixty-four percent of shoppers are those who say they put more value on localized content than price. 

These statistics go on to show the importance of providing your product information in the preferred language of your customers. After all, it affects how customers view your brand. Therefore, always pay utmost attention to choosing the right language service provider for your business. An experienced provider will ensure that your content is culturally accurate and ready to build trust among your customers.

ii) Positive user experience 

The lives of consumers come under the direct influence of what they prefer to use each day. This includes the mobile sites they go to, Social Media Platforms they like, and more. When you consider content localization, it helps to make sure your presence is felt everywhere. It lets you reach people wherever they are, across all channels,  in their languages of choice. What this does is, it elevates your user experience for customers from every corner of the world.

When user experience is first-class, it’s sure to result in increased engagement rates and conversion rates. Plus, the bounce rates go low. If we talk about it from the customer’s perspective, then user experience becomes mission-critical. As per the statistics, more than seventy percent of customers click away if they find the purchasing process difficult. Similarly, around eighty-five percent of online shoppers are those who are willing to pay even more. Provided that the user experience is excellent. So, it’s no wonder why companies around the world are spending billions in fostering a great user experience.

iii) Better online searches and improved SEO

When you localize your website, it’s not limited to what users read on the web. With the best localization management platform and service, everything on your website gets localized, such as multimedia, images, dynamic PDFs, and social media. Not to mention, the keywords, metadata, page titles, and hreflang tags. As a result, your SEO strategy also becomes multilingual and according to the search patterns of each market. As a result, the keywords that were ranking well in your home market, start performing well in foreign languages as well. Once it happens, your website drives global traffic, speaks to customers in their native language, and your business grows and flourishes.

Use localization to the best of your advantage

In this day and age, your global business must speak the language of your customers. Only by making your content local across every market you operate in and across every channel, can you truly succeed in your global aspirations.

In order to make the most of what localization has to offer, you must partner with an experienced agency that provides translation and localization solution for enterprises and small businesses alike. A translation company that not only provides subject-matter experts but also has all the latest technology solutions in their arsenal too. Having years of experience is always good. It gives you peace of mind that your localization project is in safe hands and you will be working with experts who have what it takes to localize your brand voice in a seamless and efficient way. You may visit Languex translation if you require fast, accurate, and affordable language translation services.