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Top 10 Shortest WWE Superstars Of All Time

Just as we mentioned the tallest WWE superstars of all time, it is time to discuss the youngest due to the fact they too deserve our love and admiration. There are a few more youthful WWE superstars who have to grow to be all-time greats and they may be commonly the excellent wrestlers due to the fact they can move quickly and do extra in a given amount of time. Click here


WWE has a horrific name for handiest hiring tall or large WWE Superstars however that is completely untrue, especially when one seems at the listing of the shortest WWE Superstars of all time and what number of legends they have become. So permit’s take a look at the pinnacle 10 shortest WWE superstars of all time.

1. Hornswoggle (4 Feet 5 Inches):

Hornswoggle is the undisputed youngest WWE Superstar of all time and is likewise one of the maximum well-known WWE Superstars of all time. He changed into an excellent wrestler considering his peak and his pairing with Fit Finlay helped him plenty Fit taught him plenty and he became popular inside the WWE Universe as well. He was additionally a nameless preferred manager in 2011.

2. Drake Maverick (5 Toes 4 Inches):

Before Drake Maverick got here to WWE, he was known as Rockstar Spud in TNA and changed into one of the exceptional wrestlers accessible. He debuted in WWE because the General Manager of 205 Live changed into a presence at the show his feud with R Truth over the 24*7 identify is famous and now wrestles in NXT.

3. Spike Dudley (5 Ft 5 Inches):

Spike Dudley came to WWE as a sidekick to his brother The Dudley Boys and might cheat to win fits for them and went on to struggle as a single big name and even received the Cruiserweight Championship in 2004 as praise for all his efforts. Through the years.

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4. Kalisto (5 Ft 6 Inches):

Kalisto is one of the maximum recognizable WWE Superstars these days as he turned into one of the great high-flying Superstars around. He gained America Championship as soon as become in a team known as Lucha House Party, and in 2017 he received the Cruiserweight Championship from Enzo Amore. He had an excellent profession in WWE.

5. Rey Mysterio (5 Ft 6 Inches):

What is there to mention approximately the largest little man in WWE records that hasn’t been said? He is genuinely the greatest short superstar now not the best in WWE history but within the complete history of expert wrestling. He has been wrestling for over 30 years and continues to be one of the excellent and his excessive flying capabilities are 2nd to none. He has finished the whole lot possible in WWE, prevailing titles, principal eventing WrestleMania and now he is the cover superstar of WWE 2K22.

6. Evan Bourne (5 Feet 7 Inches):

Evan Bourne changed into one of the maximum promising superstars when he debuted and made a direct impact on himself and even received the title in WWE. He then teamed with Kofi Kingston which made him famous inside the WWE Universe however is excellent remembered for taking the greatest RKO of all time from Randy Orton.

7. Funaki!5 Feet 7 In):

He turned into one of the first-class Japanese WWE superstars of all time and he changed into constrained to the cruiserweight department even there he changed into a jobber but he was a lot greater than that and eventually after 3 years of persistence he was given praise due to the fact he received. Cruiserweight Championship from Spike Dudley and is now the announcer for WWE Japan.

8. Sin Cara (5 Feet 7 Inches):

When Sin Cara debuted fans at once regarded him and stated he turned into the next Rey Mysterio his run in NXT was splendid as he additionally gained the NXT tag crew titles and had a good run on the principal roster but he failed to. Used to his complete capacity and he left the WWE some time ago, although he turned into nevertheless one of the maximum popular Short Superstars.

9. Eddie Guerrero (5 Toes 8inches):

Eddie Guerrero was one of the best wrestlers of all time in conjunction with Rey Mysterio. He used his shirt top to full impact and became the darling of the WWE Universe, triumphing over the WWE Championship from Brock Lesnar in one of the quality finishes of all time. He was Latino Heat for a motive and his tragic passing greatly surprised all WWE fanatics. Even today he is overlooked loads.

10. Brian Kendrick (5 Toes 8 Inches):

Brian Kendrick changed into the maximum mythical cruiserweight of all time as they had 2 runs with the WWE Cruiserweight Championship, first in 2003 when he was a newcomer and alternatively in 2016-2018 wherein he mentored and mentored the brand new era. A wrestler is respected by all his peers.