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The popularity of Instagram Giveaway Picker Tools

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With the growth of Instagram and its continuous rise in popularity, entrepreneurs around the world turned their attention to exploring ways how to capitalize on it. One particular method that came up is through running giveaway campaigns on Instagram platforms. Many tried this method and found success but have now shifted gears into using specialized software known as Instagram Giveaway Picker Tools. These tools enable users to host contests, sweepstakes, and giveaways all from a single platform with increased efficiency and ease of use than ever before making them increasingly popular among marketers and brands alike. In this blog post, we will explore why these tools are so effective in enhancing the user experience for everyone involved in any campaign run on an Instagram platform.

What is an Instagram giveaway winner and how does it work?

When running an Instagram giveaway, the Instagram giveaway winner picker tool allows users to select a winner either manually or through automated means. Through automation, the tool will randomly select a winner and notify them via Instagram DM that they have won the contest. The Instagram giveaway winner can then be contacted regarding their prize claim process. This method eliminates the manual labor involved in selecting the giveaway winner and increases the efficiency of Instagram giveaways.

How does your marketing campaign benefit from using Instagram winner picker tools?

Running an Instagram giveaway is a great way to engage with your followers and boost the visibility of your brand. But with so many entrants, it can be difficult to choose the winner. That’s where Instagram giveaway winner-picking tools come in. Read on to learn 8 of the pros of using these tools for your next giveaway. 

1. Randomization capabilities 

The most important part of choosing a winner is ensuring that the process is completely random. With traditional methods, you can’t guarantee that you won’t play favorites or choose someone because they are friends with you or commented more than others. However, when you use an Instagram giveaway winner-picking tool, you get totally randomized results. This ensures that no one feels left out and keeps the playing field fair for everyone involved. 

2. Easy setup and use 

These tools are designed with user experience in mind, meaning they are easy to set up and use. Most platforms offer tutorials on how to navigate their system or have Customer Service representatives who can help if needed. Plus, these tools don’t require any coding knowledge, so even those who aren’t tech-savvy can easily set up and run their giveaways without any extra help from a web developer or IT professional. 

3. Time savings 

Choosing a winner manually takes time—and lots of it! First, you need to compile all the entries and then review each one before making a decision on who should win your prize package. With an automated tool like this, however, the process only takes minutes! All you have to do is input your criteria and let the tool do its work while you focus on other tasks related to running your business or promoting your products/services online. 

4. Increased engagement

Running Instagram giveaways can be a great way to engage with your followers and encourage further interaction with your brand. With an Instagram giveaway winner-picking tool, you can quickly identify who the winners are and announce them in a timely manner. This not only keeps entrants interested but also creates excitement for future campaigns that you might run in the future.

5. Easy follow-up

Once the Instagram giveaway winner is chosen, you can easily contact them via Instagram DM or even email to congratulate them and take note of their Shipping Address or any other information needed for prize fulfillment. This makes the whole process much smoother compared to manually having to track down each individual entrant’s contact information.

6. Improved accuracy

When choosing Instagram giveaway winners manually, there’s always a chance that mistakes can be made. With an automated Instagram giveaway winner picker tool, however, you get the peace of mind of knowing that each winner was chosen with absolute accuracy. This ensures that all entrants have an equal chance of winning and that no one feels left out or unfairly treated.

7. Greater transparency

Most Instagram giveaway picker tools let you view the full list of entries and see who was chosen as the winner, which helps give your followers a sense of trust and transparency with your brand. This can help strengthen relationships and create an overall better customer experience for everyone involved in the process.

8. Increased efficiency

Using Instagram giveaway winner-picking tools can help you save both time and money while also providing a more accurate, efficient way to choose the winner of your giveaways. This can help free up your resources for other tasks related to running and growing your business—allowing you to focus on what really matters.

Which is the best Instagram giveaway winner-picking tool?

There are a few Instagram giveaway winner-picking tools available, so it’s important to do your research and find the one that best fits your needs. An Instagram winner picker from has proven to be a reliable and easy-to-use platform for Instagram giveaways. Arbiter’s Instagram winner picker is designed with user experience in mind, meaning it’s fast, easy to set up and use, provides transparent results, and is completely randomized, making sure all participants have an equal chance of winning.


In conclusion, Instagram Giveaway Picker Tools can be a great way to amplify your marketing efforts, build brand awareness and as an additional bonus, increase the engagement levels of your Instagram account. People all around the globe are taking advantage of these tools and boosting their online presence in no time. Not only that but if you want to adjust or customize a giveaway picker tool, there is always someone who can do it for a reasonable fee. All of these features make using Instagram Giveaway Picker Tools almost inevitable if you want to maximize your returns on investment and expand your reach. You’ll be surprised by the benefits they bring to your business in a very efficient way. So why not give them a try and see what all the buzz is about?