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Importance of Subtitles



In this era of digitalization, global companies use online content for advertising and marketing. Therefore, it has become a potent marketing tool. In one of the recent white papers, Cisco revealed that in the next few years, 82% of internet traffic will consist of video content. As people are getting more used to watching videos and listening to podcasts. Multimedia content has become an important part of the majority of marketing campaigns.  Have you ever thought about whether the videos you have created are reaching the target market effectively and whether you are getting the desired reviews?  People can open your videos if you provide them in the language that they understand. Here taking the assistance of multimedia localization services can be of great help 

Significance of Subtitles 

Do you know that leading platforms such as Vimeo and YouTube are getting popular yearly? According to rough statistics, YouTube will have 2.85 billion global users by 2025. Another article in Forbes explained that people still use YouTube to listen to music. Moreover, 80% of all views are taken from outside the US. 

Videos are a part of marketing strategies to reach out the customers. The best way to reach out to customers is in their native language. To entice customers that they should buy your products and services, global companies take assistance in advertising translation

Just suppose, you have developed a video and shared it on social media after optimizing the title and description but you did not receive any reviews and leads, what will you do? Surely, you will add subtitles to the video to enhance its impact. 

Developing video content is always the first step. The second step is adding subtitles. The way you captioned the videos on social media depicts how it impacts the audience and how successful your marketing campaign is. 

Facts About Subtitles

Do you want to become a subtitle translator because of its demand in the digital era? But before going for this skill you must know what are subtitles. They are written transcriptions that are integrated into media files so that they speak with the words that are uttered. 

Let’s have a look at some of its characteristics.

  • They transcribe or translate the narrative and dialogue. 
  • If you are selecting the subtitle option for TV then you have to go for close captions. They are a part of the law according to the FCC regulations. The FCC is the federal communications commission that regulates global communication through television, radio, satellite, wire, and cable. 
  • Subtitles for the deaf and hard-for-hearing SDH are the type of subtitles that are designed for the deaf that cannot hear. SDH subtitles can also be translated into foreign languages so that deaf people can understand other languages. 
  • They also have additional information like sound effects, speaker tags, and certain other things that are not part of the speech.  

Why Subtitles are Important?

Let’s find out the reasons why subtitles are important. 

People Like to Watch Subtitled Videos 

Subtitles improve the attention span and memory of the video. One of the research revealed that many people on the captions when they want to watch movies, TV shows, and other videos. Even if they are native speakers, they are on it for better understanding. 

Some Videos are Watched on Mute 

You will be surprised to know that most of the videos on Facebook are viewed without any sound. Therefore, by adding subtitles to your videos. You can increase the engagement of the people by up to 15%. It is good for viewers who want to watch videos without sound. 

They are Helpful for Non-Native Speakers 

Subtitle translation can open global opportunities and it is extremely useful if you want to target foreign markets. Using the target market’s language can take you toward international clients without any hurdles. 

Viewers Get More Engaged 

It has been observed that videos without subtitles are watched with an average of 66% whereas videos with subtitles are watched with an average of 91% resulting in high video engagement. Moreover, this engagement can be well recognized by search engines. The more clicks you get on your video, the longer, you can browse your site.

It Helps in Global Reach Online 

Using subtitles and subtitles translation can boost online videos. It means that Google and other search engines can select both English and foreign subtitles and utilize keywords for global audiences and global SEO. Moreover, it can enhance your SEO ranking for the source language site. 

Increases the Accessibility 

One of the best benefits to include subtitles is increasing accessibility to multimedia content. Subtitling helps viewers that cannot access the auditory element but still want to enjoy the video with supplementary sounds. The success of any business lies in reaching new audiences. Thus adding them can help in reaching a wider audience. No doubt that being accessible is important but some rules need to be followed. 

Wrapping Up 

Marketing translation agencies also provide subtitles translation so that your marketing campaign can be successful. Moreover, they can reach a large audience including deaf people. If they don’t add subtitles then all the efforts that they put into making a video can go in vain.