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How to Throw a Wedding in the Metaverse

Metaverse is slowly but surely changing how we perceive the virtual world. To some, the metaverse is a natural progression of social media platforms. At the same time, others see it as the future of all virtual interactions.Whatever group you belong to, one thing is for sure, the Metaverse is here –and we’re witnessing it advance with each passing day.Gaming has been the center of attention for most of the metaverse discussions. Maybe due to the play-to-earn (P2E) factor. But there have been other notable progressions in people’s behavior regarding the metaverse.One of those is holding events in the metaverse. Some companies have made it their proprietary business to organize virtual events in metaverses like Decentraland, XANA, and others.These events are categorically divided into two groups, recreational and professional. Professional events include meetings, employee gatherings, orientations, training, and other events of similar nature.While recreational ones are birthday parties, virtual meetups, and weddings, among others.You must’ve clicked this article to know how people throw wedding parties in the metaverse. And we’re about to start talking about the technicalities. But before we go into those subjectively boring details, let’s first check a recent example of a metaverse wedding.

Real Love. Virtual Vows.

Virtual weddings haven’t been recognized legally, mainly because laws aren’t applicable to the metaverse.

So why are people holding their vows in the virtual world?Most people who get married want a unique experience, whether that is to have an exotic wedding location. Or moving their wedding to the virtual world. (Side note: Virtual weddings can take place anywhere in the world without physically being there). We have an example from India where a couple got married to the Harry Porter theme. Guests enjoyed the wedding in cool costumes, surrounded by magic.Another virtual wedding was held in the US, where a couple renewed their vows in the virtual world. They wanted an out-of-this-world experience, and when their son recommended a virtual wedding, they agreed.Like any real-world wedding, they had their share of issues. Not that a caterer was late or the food was cold. But they had server issues, too many guests, fewer NFTs for attendants, and other unique metaverse issues.At one point, the bride, Candice,, couldn’t join her wedding because the server had too many people, which extended the wait time.Lucky for them, they were in the same physical office – Candice and Ryan – so she could physically tell him she would be there soon.The wedding was advertised on various channels, and the number of guests was expected to be around 1,000. That number, however, ballooned to 3,400+. This caused some logistic issues because the hosts had only minted 1,000 unique NFT teddy bears for the guests – one for each. And now they had to scramble and make do with what they had.

Prerequisites for Throwing a Metaverse Wedding.

There are some practical examples of successful metaverse weddings. If you’re one of those people who want to throw a metaverse wedding, here’s what you need.

A good internet connection
First, you need a good internet connection. There’s no going around this requirement. By good internet connection, we mean a stable one with enough bandwidth to support a sudden surge in traffic without any lag. Metaverse event planners have such internet connections. That’s why events have their main servers, usually in the organizer’s offices.

A good metaverse platform
There is a plethora of metaverses out there for you to choose from. So which one should you go with? We suggest you stick with the big ones like Decentraland, XANA, and Sandbox. These are safe from many issues other metaverse platforms face, like downtime, glitches, and the possibility of fraud

.Powerful device(s)
Some say you need a virtual headset to enter the metaverse. They’re not exactly wrong. For a fully immersive wedding experience, we suggest a VR headset.Still, you don’t necessarily have to have a VR headset because you can access most metaverse platforms from your laptop. XANA even allows you to enter it via your smartphone.

Virtual guests
No wedding is complete without its guests. You can invite close friends and family members for a private experience. Or you can open the invitation to anyone interested. Your guests will receive invitation links that they can join through with their custom avatars.You can set a proper theme or allow guests to rock any dress they want. It’s up to you.

Are metaverse weddings the future?

We think metaverse weddings could catch on, like online dating. People were skeptical of online dating, but here we are with a large portion of the young population using technology to land their next date.It will surely take some time because first, we need to ease people into the metaverse concept. Once people get accustomed to metaverses and become a part of our mainstream, we’re confident metaverse weddings will be a thing.