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How To Properly Care For Your Leather Shoes?

How To Properly Care For Your Leather Shoes?

Although taking care of men’s leather shoes can appear difficult, leather is actually very resilient when given a little care. Keeping them clean and keeping them dry are the two primary principles of caring for leather shoes, whether they are dress shoes, boots, or casual sneakers. Your footwear will last much longer if you follow just a few easy instructions. Here are some tips to care for your leather shoes:

Using right care products

Using the right care products for mens leather shoes is very important. Knowing which cleaning products are appropriate for suede or nubuck leather is important because shiny smooth leather typically requires different care. If there are laces, take them off and wipe the leather down with a dry rag to eliminate dust before cleaning and conditioning it. With your fingertips or a soft cloth, buff a little bit of leather conditioner into the leather and heel until there is no longer any residue that can be seen. Use a shoe shine brush to polish the leather into a shine for added radiance. If you notice that some of your shoes are starting to lose color, you can restore them to their original color by using a colored leather conditioner. You should use a suede cleaner on suede or nubuck leather shoes and let them dry overnight. You can apply the cleaner with a nylon bristle brush over the entire pair of shoes. Once the nap has dried, you can use a shoe shine brush to bring back the texture’s original splendor by moving toward the toe. You may also use a leather protector spray as an additional layer of defense to further shield your leather from the weather.


Make sure there is no dirt or dust remaining on your shoes before using any lotions, wax, or other products because doing so could cause stains. For the best results, clean your shoes thoroughly but delicately with a cleaning brush made for both smooth and grained or perforated leather. Don’t forget the lining between the leather and the sole, any additional linings, any brogues or tassels you may have.


Natural leather has the ability to dry out. A shoe polish can help hydrate the leather and offer a layer of defense to repel water and dust if applied every six to eight wears. Polish will also bring back the color’s pizazz. Additionally, it can cover flaws and scuffs. You can choose between wax and cream. Cream adds more moisture than wax does, and it also produces a more natural finish. In the meanwhile, wax polish can offer greater gloss and better protection. Start with cream, then add wax if you want the best of both worlds. The best way to apply it is in a circular motion with a microfiber cloth.

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