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How to Choose the Right Incontinence Underwear?


Are you new to incontinence and unsure how to choose from the many available underwear? Gender, lifestyle, and type of incontinence are all essential factors to consider when selecting the right product. 

Many people are unsure whether a pad or pants is the best option for their lifestyle and how to determine the appropriate absorbency level or product size. Allow us to assist you.

1. Material

The material used is another essential factor to consider for the outer layer (also called the backsheet). Clothlike and poly-backed are the two primary materials.  

Poly-backed protective underwear has a plastic backing, the same material used in most baby diapers. Alternatively, cloth-like incontinence underwear is made of a soft, rustle-free cloth-like material. Cloth-like products can also be “breathable,” allowing air to circulate and improving skin health. 

When it comes to material selection, it is mostly a matter of personal preference. Most products on the market today are cloth-like, with many of them made of breathable fabric. However, many poly-backed products remain on the market, as some consumers prefer the plastic-backed style for the added security and protection it provides, knowing that this waterproof backing will protect mattresses and other surfaces from fluid passing through. 

This type of protection is only available in the tape-tab form, whereas cloth-like incontinence underwear is available in pull-on and tape-tab forms. 

 2. The Right Absorption Capacity 

When selecting absorbent underwear for urinary incontinence, we strongly advise wearers and caregivers to consider absorbency needs. We hear far too many stories about soiled linens, long nights of accidents, laundry, public leaks, and other mishaps. While there are numerous reasons for poor product performance, a low-absorbency product is frequently to blame. We understand how difficult it is.  

The use of terms such as “super,” “maximum,” and “ultra” can make it difficult. Furthermore, using raindrops to demonstrate absorbency level is ineffective. 

When possible, look for cups with clearly printed absorbency levels. While you may not know your urine output, knowing the absorbency level of the incontinence product eliminates the need to guess. 

NAFC statistic indicates that it takes the average incontinence sufferer seven product trials before they find a solution. This is mainly because it can be challenging to determine the right absorbency. 

 3. Size

Product performance is highly dependent on size. Finding the right product for you won’t be easy if you buy the wrong size. 

It is widely assumed that larger sizes hold more urine. While this is true (many of our larger sizes have more capacity), wearing the correct size is critical to performance. A too-large size creates openings that allow leaks from the legs and waist. Many users and caregivers attribute urinary incontinence leaks and accidents to the product’s brand/style/absorbency when the issue may be the size. 

To ensure a proper fit, strictly adhere to the manufacturer’s sizing guide.

4. Style

There are two types of disposable underwear: pull-on and tape-tab. Pull-on style – as the name implies, pull-on like regular underwear. Tape-tab style products use tape tabs to adhere, much like baby diapers. A few factors influence which styles you or someone you care about prefers. 

5. Personal Preference 

Many incontinence underwear users already prefer product style. Many adults who have previously worn regular underwear prefer pull-on style disposable products if they are new to incontinence products. Because they are pulled on and off, pull-on style disposable incontinence underwear allows people who can still use the toilet. 

However, some people prefer the tape-tab style brief. Tape-tab style can be securely fastened multiple times and doesn’t require stepping into the product like pull-on styles. Tape-tab products are commonly used in nursing homes and care facilities to manage incontinence. 

6. Memory Loss

Another factor to consider when selecting a product style is memory loss. Adults with Alzheimer’s disease, dementia,  or similar medical conditions prefer pull-on, according to feedback and conversations with caregivers.  

The pull-on style is worn like traditional underwear and is thus more comfortable for adults with memory loss. Furthermore, pull-on style disposable underwear is easily pulled down if the individual wishes to self-toilet, promoting independence while protecting against accidents. 

7. Level of Mobility

The level of mobility of a person can also help determine which style of disposable incontinence underwear is best. Tape-tab-style adult diapers make it easier for caregivers to change the product for adults with mobility issues or who must remain in bed. 

The pull-on style is typically preferred by mobile adults who can still self-toilet. Pull-on style requires more mobility than the tape-tab style because it requires stepping into the product like traditional underwear. 

8. Cost

While the price may be the first consideration for wearers and caregivers, we remind them that “you get what you pay for.” While low-cost products may work well for some, we have received hundreds of testimonials from caregivers and wearers – typically those with severe incontinence – describing their difficulties with these items.  

If cost is a significant factor for you, contact the manufacturer to see if you qualify for Medicaid coverage or if they can offer other assistance or product recommendations. Combining highly absorbent booster pads with less expensive incontinence underwear could meet absorbency requirements without significantly increasing cost. 

Why Buy Incontinence Underwear Online? 

  • Convenience: Click-and-ship purchases are popular among online shoppers, and incontinence underwear is no exception. You don’t have to travel or wait in line, and you’re not restricted to the brands on the shelves.
    When you buy your protective underwear and briefs from our online store, you have the luxury of browsing leisurely and privately. No more awkwardly browsing the store aisles or reaching for the same-old brand you’ve always used because it’s faster and less embarrassing than comparison shopping. You have time to think about your options. 
  • Shipping discretion: You may be concerned about embarrassing deliveries. Companies always provide discreet shipping in unobtrusive packaging. This means that your neighbors will never know what you are up to.
    You don’t have to worry about your disposable incontinence underwear not making it to your shopping list if you are a reliable online vendor. You can select delivery schedules from weekly to quarterly. Of course, you can always select one-time delivery. 
  • Same-day shipping options: If you haven’t set up auto-ship options and forgot to place an order, same-day shipping is available on orders placed before 2 p.m. 


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