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How Do You Respond When Asked Why You Choose an IT Company? 


Interviewees are almost guaranteed to be asked, “Why do you want to work here?” if they get that far Company. It’s easy to brush this off as a trick question or assume the interviewer is only interested in hearing how amazing the firm is.  

However, it is undoubtedly the most crucial inquiry an interviewer may put to you. 

It’s quite challenging to provide a satisfactory response. What they are looking for, common blunders, how to best prepare your answer, and more variations on the topic are all covered in this article. 

The Real Question behind the Interview  

The inquiry, “Why did you choose this IT Company?” can be intimidating. However, your interviewer will not require you to recall all of their accolades from memory. And they certainly aren’t looking for meaningless compliments from you. 

The focus of the interview will be on you. Your potential employer is curious about the following:

  • The many reasons why you should get this job. 
  • Reasons for applying. 
  • How well do you think you’ll mesh with the company’s prevailing attitudes and values? 
  • How well you comprehend the business plan and objectives of the company. 
  • How long do you plan on staying at the company? 

Your reply should have two parts: 

  • Why exactly do you desire this IT job? 
  • In what ways does working for this IT firm fulfill your career goals?

The following examples are provided to assist you in formulating your response. To answer this question, you should split it into two pieces and keep the aforementioned in mind. You can visit to know more about numerous IT companies and their services. This helps you in effectively formulating your answer for the interview.  

Answer Option 1  

Anyone who aspires to make a name for themselves in the IT field would be fortunate to work for a prestigious company like yours. 

I’m confident that my background and expertise will benefit your company, and I’ll learn a lot and improve at working in the professional environment you foster. 

If I am granted the chance to work for your company, I will gladly contribute to its success.  

Optional Second Response  

First, I value the chance you’ve given me to interview with such a prestigious IT company. 

I am aware that I am a newcomer to the workforce, but I have always aspired to join your IT Company since it seems like a place with excellent opportunities for growth and where effort is recognized and rewarded. 

Whenever I’ve felt that my career needed a boost, I’ve looked to groups like yours to provide it. People are capable of much more when supportive coworkers surround them. 

This is the main reason why I give your company the most attention. You can count on me to offer my all in my work and significantly contribute to the company. 

Optional Answer 3  

To make an excellent first impression, discussing the company’s accomplishments and emphasizing how they relate to your field of expertise (in this case, IT) is a good idea. 

So, I’m interested in working for your organization. Nonetheless, your company’s precedent-setting work in the IT sector is a big motivating factor in my interest in joining your team. 

I’ve been following your company’s excellent work and am particularly impressed by the “XYZ” project, which has become a case study for experts like myself. 

Given my background and your company’s innovative work, I am confident I can contribute my expertise to your future endeavors.  

Answer Alternative 4 

A career opportunity with your prestigious company is a dream come true, and the IT job vacancy you posted perfectly fits my skills. 

Because of the innovative standards your company has established and the high ethical standards it upholds within the workplace, working for your company will help me grow professionally and personally and provide me with the opportunity to do so.  

Alternative 5 

These are a few of the many reasons why your company would be a good fit for me, in addition to the plethora of possibilities this IT position affords. 

Your company is an excellent fit for my skill set. As opposed to most other companies, the work-life balance here is held up as a shining example. 

A company with such a stellar reputation for the quality of the support it gives its employees to help them succeed at work has always been high on my list of companies I’d like to work for. 

I’ve always admired your company and hoped to work for you someday, but I held off on applying until I had the experience and training necessary to make the greatest possible contribution. 

Potential Response 6   

In all honesty, I am now competent to assume additional tasks and expand my role in the workplace. 

I’ve always had a goalpost in mind for when I feel ready to take on more responsibility and work for bigger companies, but up until now, I needed to hone additional talents. 

It’s time for me to take the next step in my professional life, and I can’t think of a better IT company than yours. 

Your company’s inspiring work ethic and innovative spirit have left an indelible mark on my career. 

It would be an honor to begin my professional career with your company today when I have such a great chance. 

Bottom Line 

If you know nothing about the company, all the chatter about how happy you would be to join the team would seem fake. Invest some effort in narrowing your reasons for wanting this position down to a manageable number of bullet points. 

Research is usually a plus, but it’s especially noteworthy when applying to smaller businesses. Show your excitement, and provide concrete reasons why you should get the position.