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How Can You Reduce Total Dissolved Solids In Water?

Solids In Water

Solids In Water

The whole water purification process is functioning on bringing the most effective and newest technology to decrease total dissolved solids in water. Multiple methods are available nowadays in the market, but this article will discuss some strategies to help reduce the TDS amount in water. 


If you are looking forward to the tips and tricks on decreasing TDS in your water, you need to understand what TDS is. Total dissolved solids are the water’s organic, inorganic, and essential minerals. Total dissolved solids in water are necessary because they contain nutritious minerals for our bodies. But too much total dissolved solid can harm one’s health. 


In case of the increasing concentration of TDS amount in water, removing the inorganic and organic substances that cause health problems is essential. It is when you need water purifier service in Indore if you have a water purifier. According to Government official rules, the limit of TDS in water is fixed. Water needs to have a TDS amount of 300 milligrams per litre. Drinking water can have a TDS limit of up to 500 mg per litre. 


According to water purification professionals, what needs to be the TDS amount is between 50 mg per litre to 150 mg per litre. So it would help if you reduced the total dissolved solid limit in water. Here are some of the crucial ways to remove TDS in water. 


Make Use of Water Purification Systems


Water purification systems are one of the most popular strategies to decrease TDS in water. Various types and brands of water purification systems are available today. Not all water purifiers are intended to reduce TDS. There are multiple water purifiers designed for many reasons. Only some water purifiers help reduce TDS and RO water purifiers. 


An RO water purifier uses a semi-permeable membrane that eliminates the TDS materials. As the pore size of this cleaner is above 0.0001 microns, it is suitable for removing and decreasing TDS by 95%. You need to evaluate your drinking water and purchase the best water purifier for your home. It would help if you also looked for an RO service near me in Indore to protect it. 


Distillation Process


The distillation procedure neither incorporates water purification nor filtration because it is an easy method for decreasing TDS in water. It is a simple process that requires adequate setup utilising special equipment discovered in a chemistry lab. 


You can put the water for boiling, and as the vapour increases and water reaches the cooler surface, it condenses back to its liquid form in this process. It is one of the easiest processes for removing total dissolved solids in water. 


The dissolved salts in water do not vaporise in this process. They settle below the boiling solution and reduce the TDS amount in water. 


Why Invest In A Water Purifier That Removes TDS?


It helps you determine the TDS level of the water you are drinking. If you are worried about water quality, you need to have the best water purifier to help reduce the TDS amount in water. Multiple TDS metres available in the market can help you choose from a wide range to determine the TDS level in the water. 


A water purifier that helps reduce TDS can help you measure the TDS level of the water. A high TDS amount in water is not safe for consumption, so having an RO water purifier can help you check the drinking water. It also enables you to check the water coming from your water purifier so that you know whether it needs servicing. That is where you can make use of a TDS metre. It can also help you maintain your fish tank at home so that the fish living inside it feel like it is their natural habitat. 

Investing in a good quality water purifier has multiple advantages, and you can get the crucial benefits of having the exhaust TDS removed from drinking water. 




These are some ways to decrease the total dissolved solid amount in drinking water, which is unsafe for consumption. You can get your water purifier serviced by a professional after every year to check whether or not it is working properly. Water purifier servicing is one of the primary things you need to do to reduce TDS in your water. So, do not hesitate to call a professional when your water purifier needs servicing.