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How a Virtual phone Can Benefit Your Business

Virtual phone

Virtual phone

How a Virtual phone Can Benefit Your Business

If you’re a small business owner and handling a high volume of calls can be a nightmare, a virtual cell could be a useful solution.

A virtual phone allows your customers to contact you directly and diverts incoming calls to your mobile. This can help you manage your business more effectively and reduce costs.


Virtual landline is a cost-effective option for business owners who want to reduce their telecoms costs. It cuts out unnecessary landline infrastructure expenses and enables businesses to work from anywhere with an internet connection.

Unlike a traditional business landline, virtual numbers can be assigned to any device including a desk phone, mobile phone app or desktop softphone. This is a great feature for companies that need to keep their communications separate from personal life and allows employees to manage a work-life balance.

Virtual landline services also help to maintain a professional image. This helps to create a sense of trust and confidence with potential clients.


If you’re a business that operates from a mobile location, then virtual phone services are an excellent choice. They allow you to get a UK landline number without needing a fixed BT line connected to your business.

A virtual phone isn’t tied to a fixed phone line and instead exists in ‘the cloud’. This means that calls can be diverted or forward to any internet device, as long as it has an internet connection.

This flexibility gives businesses greater scalability as the company grows and they can add new features as required. These can include on-hold music, voicemail greetings and automated redirection of calls to certain representatives.

The main benefit of a virtual cell is the flexibility that it offers to businesses and individuals alike. They’re ideal for mobile workers who need to be able to pick up incoming calls from anywhere in the world.

Unified Communications

A virtual cell is a great choice for businesses that want to keep their costs down. It’s an affordable alternative to a traditional fixed line and can save you money on phone lines, hubs, switches and telephone adaptors.

It also saves you the cost of a PBX or (Private Branch Exchange) which can be expensive to setup and operate. A virtual cell is a cloud-based system and it works on VoIP which allows for scalability as you grow.

With a virtual cell you will also get more features like call divert or call forwarding as well as call screening. This can be a great feature for call centres as it reduces missed calls.

Many mid-sized businesses are looking to improve their communication processes. They’re trying to reduce costs and increase productivity, and unified communications is the way to go.


Virtual phone services are a perfect solution for businesses that need to be flexible and operate from anywhere. They give businesses the ability to divert calls to their mobiles or laptops/desktops without having to use a physical office line.

This is particularly useful for homeworkers, people who work out of serviced offices or anyone else who wants to be able to answer the phone at a moment’s notice. It also gives companies the ability to keep in touch with customers and new potential clients despite working from home or on a mobile.

Some virtual cell providers offer more advanced features than others, including bespoke call forwarding rules, business voicemails and more. These can help businesses stay in touch with customers and prospects, reduce attrition, and improve overall customer service.