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Heat Seal Mylar Bags: 11 Facts You Might Not Know

heat seal mylar bags

heat seal mylar bags

What is an ideal way to store food and herbal items long-term? Heat-seal mylar bags come in handy to serve this purpose well! If sealed properly, mylar bags can store food for years. Mylar bags are highly resistant to temperature, oxygen, and sunlight, which assures inner content safety.

Heat seal bags are also airtight and moisture-resistant, which makes them a perfect tool to preserve your stored items in humid or wet environments. Mylar bags are becoming the next big thing thanks to their versatility, functionality, durability, and cost-effectiveness.

This blog will give you information about fun facts that these mylar bags offer. So let’s discuss this in detail!

What Are Heat Seal Mylar Bags?

Mylar heat seal bags are a type of flexible packaging that is manufactured from polyethylene terephthalate (PET) films. This film is covered in aluminum foil which is heat and moisture-resistant. Mylar bags are available in various sizes and can be sealed with a heat sealer. Sealing makes these bags airtight, keeping the inner content fresh and prevented from spoilage. 

How Can You Heat Seal a Mylar Bag?

There are different methods of heat sealing a mylar bag. You can choose one appropriate way as per the size of the bag. Here are some tips to heat seal a mylar bag:

  • First, choose the right size bag that fits your products. 
  • Then, pour the food and herbal items into the mylar bags. 
  • Use a food-grade sealer to seal the mylar bags. You can use an iron, straightener, impulse sealer, and a food saver. Sealing ensures that your food will not come in contact with air. When your product seals properly inside the heat seal mylar bags, it will preserve for an extended period. 
  • Store the mylar bag in a cool and dark place. This will keep the smell inside the bag and prevent it from escaping. 

11 Facts That Make These Mylar Bags an Ideal Choice

Heat seal mylar bag is manufactured from durable material resistant to tearing and leaking. Additionally, they come in various sizes to pack different product quantities. 

Here are a few advantages of these bags that make them a shining star in the packaging industry!

  • Easy To Use

These bags are highly functional. They come with convenient opening and closing, which improves customer experience. Additionally, mylar bags heat seal can easily seal with a home straightener. So, sealing isn’t a challenging task. The easy-sealing property of these bags makes them a convenient choice. 

vacuum seal mylar bags

  • Light-resistant

The thick aluminum foil of mylar bags makes them light-resistant. When coming into contact with light, a product can come into premature degradation. So, these bags protect the inner content from light exposure and increase its shelf life. 

  • Heat Seal Mylar Bags Are Airtight

The vacuum inside these bags makes them airtight. This will ensure your products are secured from spoilage and increase their shelf life. 

  • Lightweight,

The lightweight feature of heat seal smell-proof mylar bags helps reduce shipping charges. In addition, these bags can be folded easily and require less space, allowing you to ship and handle products over long distances without additional costs. 

  • Keep the Inner Content Fresh

Mylar bags are an excellent option for the long-term storage of your products. This is ideal for storing food items or anything that deteriorates quickly. The material used to manufacture these bags is highly impermeable to external influences. The airtight property of this custom packaging also assures your product safety for years. 

  • Puncture and Tear-resistant

Food and herbal items must be stored in packaging impervious to wear and tear losses. The durable material of heat seal mylar bags allows you to ship your products without fear of damage. Your product will arrive at the final destination in safe and sound condition. 

  • Mylar Bags Are Transparent

Mylar heat seal bags transparently provide a clear view of the stored product. The transparency of a mylar bag helps you to improve product visibility. It is also helpful for customers to make an instant purchase decision. A customer can see the product clearly without opening the bag. The transparency of these bags can be accomplished by featuring a windowpane on the bag’s front panel. 

  • They Are an Economical Option

Mylar bags are cost-efficient packaging compared to other packaging solutions. The material used in their manufacturing is less expensive, making it a pocket-friendly option. As we already have discussed, it’s a lightweight feature that requires less space and minimizes shipping charges. 

  • Heighten Shelf Impact

The diversity in size, style, and shape makes heat seal mylar bags the center of attention. They can be customized with alluring printing patterns, and captivating designs make your products outshine on the retail shelves. 

  • Help in Branding

Mylar bags are an exceptional way to advertise your products while assuring product integrity. When a bag is printed with a company’s name and slogan, it becomes highly noticeable and memorable. Keeping your products in a mylar bag improves brand recognition and fosters customer loyalty.

  • Keep Your Environment Healthier

As our planet is combating pollution issues, we must keep it healthier. For this purpose, mylar heat seal bags become the focus of attention. The reusable feature of these bags makes them an eco-friendly packaging approach. Apart from biodegradability, less material is used in manufacturing, allowing you to preserve resources and promote sustainability.

mylar heat seal bags

Buy Heat Seal Mylar Bags

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Conclusion Remarks!

A heat seal mylar bag is your go-to solution to preserve your food items for a long time and keep it fresh. We have discussed multiple advantages of these bags that make them popular among brands. 

What are you waiting for? Get your hands on this reliable and versatile packaging solution to improve your sales volume!