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Gojek Clone App: Developing Process, Pricing, and Latest Features

gojek clone

Mobile apps increase the revenue for any business and there’s no doubt about it. According to figures stated by, the revenue in the app market is anticipated to round up to around US$430.90 billion by 2022! This figure is encouraging enough to tell you that launching a mobile app for your multi-service business will be beneficial. And thus, to help you with that, here is the Gojek Clone App

In this blog, let’s discover this multi-service app’s development process, pricing, and the top latest features that you must integrate into the app. 

So, let’s begin! 

Gojek Clone App

Gojek Clone App Development Process 

Follow these simple steps if you want to launch this futuristic application easily and quickly. 

  • Try the demo of the Gojek-like app 

The first step is to try the demo app. The white-labeling firm will let you try the demo for free and for a considerably longer time. 

During the demo app trial, you must check out everything from the speed of the application, to pre-integrated features, and its quality. 

  • Purchase the app 

If you like the app, purchase it! Either choose to pay in full or in parts with Payment Milestones. 

Take the purchase decision only after discussing your requirements with the Project Manager. Once everything is finalized, the Manger will go ahead and prepare the Scope Document. 

The Scope Document will contain all the information related to the deliverables and the package cost breakdown! 

  • Gojek Clone App development begins 

The app development will begin immediately after you purchase the clone app package. The experts will white-label the app with your own branding. They will place the company’s name & logo everywhere and change the color of the app to match the logo’s color. 

Additionally, they will integrate currencies and languages of your choice along with the SMS and payment gateways. 

  • Review the app 

After the development is complete, the developers will upload the app to the firm’s development server. 

You can access the server and review the app. Make sure that the application has everything you asked for. If you think you want to make modifications, ask the development team to make the changes. 

After your final review, go ahead and show the green light to app launch. 

  • Launch the app 

At this stage, the development team will be all set to launch your Gojek Clone App on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. 

They will submit the app to the store and after the approval, it will be available for download! 

The Cost of Developing the Gojek-like App 

The cost of developing an app like Gojek is lower than building the app from scratch. 

Since it is a pre-built solution, you need not worry about splurging a million dollars on its development. 

The entire clone app script package costs only a fraction of the amount that you may otherwise have to spend on: 

  • Buying or renting the office space 
  • Hiring a dedicated team of professionals 
  • Offering monthly salaries, bonuses, incentives, allowances, etc. 
  • Purchasing expensive software 

Well, developing the app from scratch can cost you more than US$250,000 plus at least half a decade to launch it in the market. 

Now that you know it costs only a fraction of the amount to develop this app, why not invest in it ASAP? 

Gojek Clone App Features You Must Add 

Here are some of the most incredible on-demand multi-service app features that you can integrate into the app. 

Take a close look at them before you start with the app development process. 

  • Login using biometric authentication: it allows the iPhone user to log in with their Face ID while Android users can do the same with their fingerprints. 
  • Multiple credit card management: your users can easily manage their credit cards online and pay using them in a single click. 
  • OTP verification: providers can start the task only after they have verified the 4-digit code sent to the user’s phone number. 
  • SOS button: the SOS button is essential from a safety point of view. In case the user feels stuck in a life-threatening situation, they can press it and send a “HELP” message. This message will be sent to the 5 emergency contact numbers. 

In Conclusion: 

Are you ready to launch the Gojek Clone App? 

Well, test the demo app and get the app as soon as you can if you want to establish a multi-service business in 1 to 2 weeks! 

Purchase the app and see yourself earn millions in profit with a single app launch.