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What is cineplay?

If you need a proper app for watching any type of function or series. Then I have a solution to all your problems. Cineplay is an application that offers its users the possibility to choose from a wide library of movies and series, IPTV, VOD, and many more to watch from the comfort of their mobile devices. Enjoy your favourite movies and series whenever you want in Latin, Spanish or any other language.

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Introducing cineplay for Apple TV

We are glad to announce the launching of our latest media player for your Apple TV, a free cloud video player for the fourth-generation apple Tv. Cineplay allows you to browse projects and files and play them back directly on your TV, complete with timecode and multi-speed seeking. This is to say that you can enjoy Kollaborate videos in a comfortable setting that more closely mimics the final viewing environment of your end users.

Some Functions of Cineplay

Here are some functions of this application.

  • Database with movies and series updated to the present.
  • Search engine optimised for Android.
  • Choose your qualities to read the content.
  • Full movies, series, novels, and anime.
  • Nice and simple user interface.
  • Option to add to favourites.

At this media player, you can:

  • Watch free action movies.
  • Watch free animation movies.
  • Watch free adventure movies.
  • Watch free crime movies.
  • Watch free drama movies.
  • Watch free horror movies.
  • Watch HD trailers of the latest movies.
  • Watch fox sport live.
  • Watch space live.


This media application software contains links to videos found on other platforms or other applications, we do not own the movies shown, and we do not control their availability. And they do not allow downloading this application in no way violates copyright or intellectual property policies, because this application makes use of an Application programming interface for legal viewing of movies.

Cineplay is a professional media player that includes timecode overlays, markers, masking, and safe areas. It is ideal for dailies, samples, client feedback, mobile note-taking, and much more. This play is the perfect solution for studios, post-production facilities, filmmakers, production companies, advertising agencies, film crews, or theatre owners, wishing to review digital cinema packages developed by any DCP mastering solution. For taking benefits from all the features or functions pr ato enjoy entertainment you should download this fastest media player.