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Breville VS Omega Juicer for celery: Which Should You Buy

Undoubtedly, Breville and Omega Juicers are considered the best juicer for celery because of their cost-effective and user-friendly models. As these firms manufacture unlimited juicer varieties with distinct features, choosing the right among them becomes hectic. Hence, to make things easier, this article contains the Breville and Omega finest models of all time. You will also see a comparison with some reasons to decide which one is worth buying.

So, let’s head to their introduction about these manufacturers’ popular models.

Breville Background

Breville is an American company that started its business in the 1930s by selling radios. These products were even famous at that time. Since the 1960s, they changed their path and started manufacturing kitchen appliances. Since then till now, they have produced the best appliances in the market, and advanced juicers for celery are top on the list.

The best fact about this brand is that they manufacture juicers in China, and the designs and the features are decided in Australia under the guidance of experts. Producing hundreds of juicers yearly, they have spread their juicer’s lane in different American stores to buy them easily.

Omega Background

We all are familiar with Omega as the ranking juicer manufacturer in the market for the past 40 years. These producers are known for their masticating juicer; a horizontal masticating juicer is the finest. It’s because Omega is the only company that produces the best and latest horizontal slow juicers in the market. 

Besides, all the juices are made in South Korea and are fitted with tools and material that is user and environmentally friendly. The material used in construction is BPA free and has no adverse effect on the surroundings and the user’s health.

Breville VS Omega Juicers – Comparison & Review


Features OmegaMMV700S MegaMouth Breville JE98XL
Type Masticating juicer Centrifugal juicer
Prep time/chute size OmegaMMV700S MegaMouth comes with a three inches extra wide cut that offers easy cutting and peeling and extracts juice without clogging. Breville JE98XL is designed with a three inches wide chute that accommodates larger chunks easily. But the juicer needs a two-speed auger that makes it hectic to extract juice from hard fruits and vegetables.
Extraction system The juicer works at 60 RPM for efficient extraction to ensure a less oxidized juice yield. However, it lacks a mesh filter basket to produce maximum juice. The juice yield is less due to the low-speed motor. Besides, there is a reverse function that will automatically stop the motor when any clogging is about to happen. The juicer is equipped with a titanium reinforced disc and micro mesh filter for smooth clog-free extraction to remove pulp and ensure optimum juice yield.
Froth/pulp separator For efficient juice extraction, the juicer has a No-drip juice tap that orbits the dripping on the countertop. However, it lacks the strainer to control the pulp going into the juice. Besides, there is no need for a froth separator because the juice contains zero foam due to anti-oxidation technology. As it is a centrifugal juicer, it produces frothy juice. That’s why the juicer has an integrated separator to separate the foam from the juice.
Noise level As the juicer works at a lower RPM, the juicer offers a noiseless juicing experience to its users to extract juice without any hassle. Centrifugal juicers work at centrifugal forces that spin the juicer’s blades at a very high speed. Although this is a plus point, the noise produced while juicing is unpleasant.
Oxidation level The high and nutritious juice yield is the best quality that makes this item the best juicer for celery. With low speed, anti-oxidized juice is produced that is less frothy and can be easily stored without any change in juice quality. With centrifugal force, the juicer produces heat during work, which causes oxidation. This oxidized juice changes its color immediately, and sadly you can’t store it for longer.
Price Although the juicer has the latest design in terms of price, this cold press juicer is a bit more expensive than other juicers and costs $579. This item costs only $179 and is budget friendly than the OmegaMMV700S MegaMouth. 

Summing up

Ideally, both Breville and Omega produce the best juicers. Breville has a unique centrifugal model similar to the power xl juicer, but the juicers are quite compromising due to health concerns. It’s because they produce oxidation that removes all the beneficial nutrients and enzymes from the juice and affects the quality of the juicer. 

Therefore, Omega MMV700S MegaMouth is an ideal user and environmental choice for people. Although this juicer is slow and contains huge price tags with anti-oxidation technology, this juicer is worth buying if you can’t compromise the juice quality.