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99+ Best Guest Posting Sites To Build Backlinks & Traffic

Guest Posting

The saying goes, out of sight,” out of mind” – but brands can’t afford that if they want to be considered successful. Guest posting is one of the most important online marketing tactics that is still widely used to build reputation and word of mouth (WOM) for a brand that positions itself as a major player in its category. Trying to set up. This is one of the simplest yet most valuable tactics that work by writing and publishing valuable articles on other relevant sites.

The Idea Behind Guest Posting

The idea behind this technique is to get your website to attract some of the traffic that comes to authentic sites to promote lead generation and sales. This helps increase your ranking on major search engines, as having high-quality backlinks increases your website’s credibility. Also, it has become difficult to rank at the top of search results lately. One of the key factors in this process involves assessing how high your domain Authority (DA) is and how many websites refer to your content and consider it authoritative. You can improve these metrics by contributing guest posts and driving backlinks, helping your content and website rank faster. If you want your ranking and position to improve, you should target the best guest post websites with high DA. The higher the DA, the better the quality of the link backs.

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Benefits of a Great Guest Blogging Strategy

For those still exploring this powerful strategy for brand building, let’s see what you can expect by giving your websites well-liked backlinks form popular websites: Reaching new audiences: There are a few ways this can be done. However, submitting blogs to relevant websites is still one of the most effective techniques out there. By doing this. You’ll attract qualified traffic that’s interested in what you have to offer instead of shooting in the dark, giving you access to a whole new audience. Builds brand value and trust: Since social media and blogging have grown, traditional marketing strategies have not been as effective. First of all it is important to build brand value and trust, which is more likely to attract more people to you. Lead Generation: Once you have access to this pool of new audiences and have built a strong online presence for your brand, you can expect to see a reduction in false positives and whatnot. Expect more qualified leads interested in what you have to offer. However, as a marketer/brand, it’s important to understand that guest blogging is a double-edged sword that can make or break your brand, depending on the quality of backlinks pointing to your website.

Top 99+ Guest Posting Sites for Backlinks

1.     Healthline

If you’re a business owner in the health and wellness category, Healthline is a great place to start your guest posting journey.

2.     Creately

Creative should be your platform of choice if you plan to submit blogs about visual collaboration, visual project  management, data visualization, etc.

3.     A List Apart

A List Apart accepts guest blogs in technology, content marketing, business, design, project management, UI/UX and various other domains.