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8 reasons why health and safety are important to your business

Work-related injuries are always on the rise in Australia. Job sites get insecure when companies cut corners and push impossible deadlines. Each rule in the safety manual is written in blood by previous accidents, and there is a dam good reason why they exist. It’s a rulebook and not a guideline! Companies that adhere to the rules and laws regarding health and safety procedures are the once which will be making a difference in today’s market! “Why?” you may ask. Here are a couple of reasons. You can also visit here Now Anonymous Instagram Stories

1. Moral reason

Each worker wants to go to their job, get it done and return home in one place. When companies value health and safety reasons, that compassion shows how they treat their employees. People are not machines and require far more care and attention. Each company has a moral obligation to uphold general safety for its workforce!

2. Productivity output

Always start with yourself, when setting an example. Can you perform better in a hazardous environment or a safe one? Would you rather work near an active volcano or in a safe and sound environment? The answers are simple, but in practice, it’s like companies willingly ignore them. People do their best work when they feel secure at their job. It’s that simple, and the increase in productivity far outweighs any investments towards health and safety standards.

3. Legal obligation

The topic of work health and safety is a complex and important one. Each country in the world has its rules and regulations regarding it and for a good reason. Whether you are trying to make moving easy, or are building a skyscraper, each job has its dangers and hazards. Companies always try to squeeze every penny and act like they are above the law or know better. And that’s how fatalities occur in the workplace. The laws in this area are mandated for all participants, so adhering to them is not a matter of opinion, but a necessity.

4. Saves you money

We don’t deny that investments towards improving health and safety standards cost. What we do argue for is that benefits far outweigh any investments. While it may sound like a lot of work, from setting up a separate function, hiring and training experts and enforcing rules, there is an alternative. Modern business means that you can outsource your health and safety needs. Companies that specialise in providing such services, like experienced and certified Zokal Safety Australia, are there to help you out when you are in a pinch. Outsourcing your needs is far more profitable than starting from scratch! When people’s lives are on the line, the sooner you get a head start, the better!

5. Easier to get new employees

Word gets around fast, and people tend to flock to positive reviews. We live in an era of instant information, where work-related tragedies spread like wildfire. You will soon realise how health and safety inside your company produce an outside effect. People don’t want to risk their lives. No matter how much money you offer, it’s always better to invest in health and safety. Once you do and word gets around, potential workers will flock to your business, seeking a chance to work in a regulated environment. 

6. Better company reputation

The better reputation of your company brings with it a whole slew of symbiotic benefits! With more workers willing to work for your safe company, you get to pick the best ones! Now you have a reputation as the industry leader, and you can even host health and safety seminars and further drive your advantage! Sometimes a local municipality or a government branch can reward businesses that go for a whole year without an accident! Such rare awards are a badge of honour for your company, and will set the standard for the entire construction industry!

7. Less turnover

When workers don’t get injured or sick while they work for you, they tend to stay at their current employer and not jump ships. People love to feel safe, and when you provide such an environment, they will thrive and bond with the company. And then you won’t lose valuable workers to accidents and turnover because people will love to clock in and do their work.

8. More business partners

Last but not least, other companies are more willing to associate themselves with companies that strive towards excellence. Reputation is like a light for moths, and other companies will flock towards your flame. Being the best at something always attracts positive attention.

The dark days of the industrial revolution were filled with workplace accidents. Such times are grim reminders of what can happen when we stray away from rules and put profits first. People are what make any company formation, so securing their health and safety is paramount. Companies that acknowledge this and put their worker’s needs first, are the ones who will reap all the benefits!