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7 Essentials You Need Before Going Hunting


Hunting is a rewarding experience, but you must have all the necessary items and information you need before you step out. Although it’s an exciting outdoor event, hunting can also be dangerous. 

Therefore, whether you are a seasoned hunter or a beginner, ensure that you have the right gear for a successful hunting trip. From the Franchi spaz 12 shotgun to scent-free boots, there are essential items that every hunter should always have. 

Here is an overview of seven essential items that hunters need before going out into the wild; 

  1. The Franchi Spaz 12 Shotgun

The Franchi Spaz 12 shotgun is one of the most popular shotguns on the market today, and for a good reason. It’s a reliable shotgun well-known for its accuracy, great design, and dependability. Franchi Spaz 12 shotgun is a perfect weapon for any hunting because it’s also lightweight and won’t weigh you down when carrying through rough terrain. 

You need Franchi spaz 12  for shooting fast-moving targets. Additionally, this shotgun will serve you right if you want to take multiple shots quickly. The magazine capacity of the Franchi Spaz 12 Shotgun can be up to five rounds. Generally, the Franchi spaz 12 is a reliable semi-automatic shotgun made by Italian manufacturer Franchi L.  

  1. Pocket Knife

A pocket knife can come in handy for countless situations in the wilderness. From cutting rope to the skinning game, there’s no limit to the scenarios that need a sharp blade. 

As you plan to hunt, please choose a knife with a durable handle and corrosion-resistant blade to last through all your outdoor adventures. Most pocket knives have several blades for different tasks; some even come equipped with features such as corkscrews or bottle openers for added convenience. 

  1. Decoys

Decoys attract birds and other game animals to your location, giving you an excellent opportunity to take aim and make your shot count. Many types of decoys are available today, each designed to appeal to different animals depending on their natural behavior and habits. 

When choosing decoys, pay attention to detail—realistic decoys look more natural than those that don’t resemble real birds or animals. Additionally, try using different decoys to increase your chances of successful hunting. 

  1. Camouflaged Clothing

Camouflaged clothing helps hunters blend into the surroundings while they wait in silence for their prey. Choosing clothes made from lightweight materials will keep you comfortable even in extreme temperatures and conditions. 

 Look for clothing with plenty of pockets to easily store essentials like ammo and snacks while out in the field. The camouflaged clothing should also have breathable fabrics so that you stay comfortable throughout your hunt without compromising your stealthy appearance in the process. 

  1. Scent-Free Boots

Scent-free boots are essential if you want to stay hidden while hunting. Choose boots made from waterproof material that won’t let odors seep through. They should also have rubber soles that offer excellent traction on slippery surfaces like mud or snow. 

When choosing the ideal scent-free boots, ensure that game animals don’t detect odors that might come along. Therefore, they won’t run away when you approach them with your gun.  

Look for boots made with materials such as leather or suede—these materials will allow air to move freely. They also keep any human scents contained inside them rather than wafting into the air around you as you walk through nature’s terrain. 

  1. Scent Killer Spray

In addition to wearing scent-free boots, another way to avoid spooking game animals is to use scent-killer sprays and gels on your clothes and other outdoor gear before leaving home. 

Scent killer sprays mask your human scent from prey animals, allowing them to come closer without being scared away by strange smells or odors associated with humans. As you use the scent killer, spray down all areas where your scent may linger, such as clothes, shoes, or hats, before heading out into the wild. 

  1. Flashlight & Rain Gear

Nothing ruins a hunt faster than unexpected weather conditions like rain or darkness coming earlier than expected. Having a flashlight and rain gear ensures you are always ready no matter what Mother Nature throws you during your hunt. 

Flashlights also come in handy for trails or signs left by prey animals after dark. Therefore, flashlights will help you for night hunts, while rain gear will be there for you on wet weather outings. Another necessary hunting essential you should always remember is the blinds/stands to help you when you need extra cover. 


Whether you’re a veteran hunter or just starting, having all these essentials before hunting is crucial to ensure a successful trip. Do extensive research about the local regulations on hunting and the type of gear that is most appropriate given the terrain. That will help you have an enjoyable hunting experience filled with safe memories. 

With these seven essentials—the Franchi spaz 12 shotgun, pocket knife decoys, camouflaged clothing, scent-free boots, scent killer spray flashlight & rain gear – you have everything needed before venturing into the great outdoors. No matter the type of hunt you’re planning – big game or small – having these items guarantees safety and successful hunting on every outing. Good luck out there!