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7 Best Computer Repairing Software to Fix Computer System

Computer Repairing Software

A slow or unresponsive computer can be incredibly frustrating. You might be in the middle of working on an important project or trying to unwind with some leisurely browsing when all of a sudden your computer starts acting up. If you’re stuck with a broken computer and don’t know how to fix it, don’t worry—we’re here to help. 


Computer Repair Services in Toronto, ON are important for businesses and individuals who rely on their computers to perform various tasks on a daily basis. 


PC repair near me, is something that a lot of people search for when their computer is not working properly. There are many different computer repairing software programs that you can use to try and fix your computer system.


In this blog post, we’ll go over seven of the best computer repairing software programs available. With any luck, one of these will help get your system back up and running in no time. 

1. Advanced SystemCare Free 

Advanced SystemCare Free is a comprehensive PC optimization tool that can help speed up your computer by cleaning out junk files, repairing registry errors, and more. The free version offers basic features, while the paid Pro version includes additional features like real-time protection against malware and privacy threats. 

2. CCleaner Clean Up Tool

CCleaner is a tool that can help clean up your computer and make it run more smoothly. It can clear out junk files, temporary internet files, and cookies that can clog up your system. It can also help to fix registry errors and defragment your hard drive. 


In addition, CCleaner can also help to free up space on your computer by uninstalling unused programs. While CCleaner is a useful tool, you should be aware that it can also delete important files if you are not careful. Before using CCleaner, you should always back up your data to avoid losing important information. 


It also includes a built-in uninstaller for getting rid of unwanted programs, and a file recovery tool for rescuing accidentally deleted files. CCleaner is available for free, or as a paid Professional edition with additional features. 

3. IObit Unlocker 

IObit Unlocker is a handy utility that can help you fix stubborn file errors that usually occur when you try to delete or move a file that’s currently in use by another program. IObit Unlocker is available for free, with no paid upgrade options available. 

4. PC Decrapifier 

If your new computer is plagued by bloatware—useless programs that come pre-installed on many new PCs—PC Decrapifier can help get rid of them quickly and easily. Unlike some other bloatware removal tools, PC Decrapifier doesn’t require you to know which programs are safe to remove; simply select everything and let the program do its job. PC Decrapifier is available for free with no paid upgrades available. 

5. RazorSQL 

RazorSQL is primarily a database query tool, but it also includes a number of helpful utilities for fixing common PC problems. These include a system information tool, a startup manager, and even a tool for fixing Registry errors. 


RazorSQL is also for querying SQL databases, browsing databases, editing SQL, and administering databases. Over 40 databases can be connected to it, and it runs on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and Solaris.

6. SlimCleaner Free 

SlimCleaner Free is another comprehensive PC optimization utility that can help clean out junk files, repair Registry errors, and more. It also includes real-time monitoring of your system resources, so you can see exactly what’s causing your computer to slow down at any given moment.

7. TweakBitFixMyPC 

TweakBitFixMyPC is an easy-to-use utility that can scan your computer for various types of errors and then attempt to fix them automatically. It includes a wide range of different tools for dealing with common PC problems, making it a good choice if you’re not sure exactly what’s wrong with your computer (or if you’re just lazy).


Computer Repair Services in Toronto, ON is always here to help you with your computer needs. They offer a variety of services to their clients that are beyond just repairing computers. If you’re looking for local PC repair near me, check out the website for a comprehensive list of service providers in your area.


If your computer isn’t running as smoothly as it should be, don’t despair—there are plenty of great software programs out there that can help get it back up to speed in no time flat (and we’ve listed seven of them here). 


So whether you’re looking for something to help eliminate bloatware or just need a general all-purpose optimization tool, there’s sure to be something on this list that will fit the bill perfectly!